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    Versa Technology manufactures Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Equipment ranging from Mid Span Gigabit PoE Injector to 802.3af and 802.3at Power Over Ethernet Hubs and Switches.

    • The VX-Pi100, The Best Selling PoE Injector

      The VX-Pi100 from Versa Technology is a stable 802.3af Power Over Ethernet Injector that operates efficiently with all 802.3af PoE compatible access points. The VX-Pi100 PoE injector features both a Power Over Ethernet injector adapter and a power supply in one single unit. This unit allows users to save space and resources, thus cutting down time and costs.The VX-Pi100 PoE Injector from Versa Technology features 100/240VAC support and sends 48V DC power to all units. Learn more about the PI100 Here »

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      Who Are We is a division of Versa Technology, a last mile technology company founded in 1994. The mission of Versa Technology is to provide innovative industry equipment that is cost effective, efficient and features cutting-edge technology.

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