Power over Ethernet Extenders

PoEinjector.com offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) extenders that extend Ethernet wiring beyond IEEE’s 802.3 100 meter Ethernet specification. We offer 802.3af/at switches, Layer 2 web smart switches, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit switches. Our PoE injectors offer the option to extend your network via 2-wire coaxial or copper wire cabling. Shop our reliable units today!


VX-PI1000EX Gigabit PoE Extender

lengthens range up to 100m (328 ft.)


POE-E201 POE+ Repeater (Extender)

IEEE802.3at High Power PoE


POE-E101 PoE Extender

IEEE 802.3af to 100m (328 ft.)


VX-160POE PoE Extender Kit

Local Powered over 2-Wire


VX-160COAX PoE Extender Kit

Local Powered over Coaxial