PoEInjector.com offers a variety of networking equipment from Versa Technology and Planet Technology USA. We help connect network administrators with long-lasting networking gear that helps them achieve high-speed connectivity. Networking equipment from PoEInjector.com helps companies minimize infrastructure investment by providing them with technology that allows them to achieve fiber-like speeds using existing copper wires. At Versa Technology, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio that includes Power Over Ethernet, DSLAM units, Ethernet extenders, wireless solutions, media converters and Ethernet switches.

Achieving Global Connectivity

Versa Technology has helped network administrators achieve fast and reliable connectivity on a global scale. Our networking equipment has helped connect networks in Europe, North America, Australia, South American, China, the Mediterranean, Africa and beyond.

Dependable Products at Competitive Prices

We offer state-of-the-art technology at competitive prices. We offer cost-effective network solutions that help our customers deploy high-speed networks—without sacrificing quality.

Future-Proofing Networks

We design our products with the understanding that technology will continue to evolve. Our products make it simple for businesses to upgrade and enhance their current networks without requiring them to replace their entire systems.

Unmatched Customer Support

Versa Technology provides live customer support to help our customers achieve their computer networking goals. We will correspond within 24 hours of your initial inquiry but our average response time is 4 hours. Whether you’re wondering how to design your network or are still researching networking products, don’t hesitate to contact us and utilize our tech experts as a resource.