1-Port EPo2 RX Adapter + 1-Port EPo2 TX Adapter PoE Extender Kit [2E10-110-KIT-A]

The 2E10-110-KIT-A EPo2 (Ethernet & Power over 2 wires) kit allows you to connect PoE IP devices such as Intercom/Access Control/Speaker/Touch Screen Station/VoIP/sensor/camera over in-wall 2 wires of doorbell wire, telephone line or 1-pair UTP/STP to Ethernet network. You don’t have to configure anything, and you only need one EPo2 unit at each end of PoE IP device (PD) & Ethernet Switch port.

In addition to reuse 2-wire cable, EPo2 is designed to extend PoE range & data rates far beyond 100meters/100 Mbps limits even using 2-wire thinness 26AWG cable.

  • Uses telephone line, doorbell wire or 1-pair UTP/STP to connect PoE IP devices
  • Eliminates extra intermediate PoE switch
  • Plug-and-Play deployments
  • Reuses in-wall 2 wires infrastructure
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Weight 8.0 lbs